FORA 6 Connect Review – Choosing The Best Glucose MeterFORA

Product : FORA 6 Connect Review

Price : $ 69.99 ( Retail complete kit )

The Cheapest Place to Buy : Amazon.com

My Rating : 9.7 out of 10

The FORA 6 Connect Overview

  1. With so many new Glucose meters on the market it is hard to choose which one is best suited for your requirements. Keeping this in mind the new FORA 6 Connect delivers on most of the important aspects.
  • The FORA 6 Connect is one of the most easy products to use on the market. It has a mode button and directional button which makes it easy to navigate the features and settings.
  • The monitor has a dual parameter function that allows you to take proven accurately Glucose and Ketone reading.
  • The device support Bluetooth connectivity and also comes with the iFORA HM app. And can be found in Apple app store and Google play store. Works with Bluetooth 4.0, supports Android 5.0 and ISO 8.0 or above system.
  • This glucometer also support an LCD back light, strip indicator light and an easy-slide strip ejection.
  • The complete kit includes the FORA 6 blood glucose/ ketone meter, 1 Lancing device,100 Lancets, 10 Ketone test strips and 50 blood glucose test strips.

Importance Of Medical Alert Bracelets For Diabetes Sufferers.

Medical alert bracelets can be in many cases a life saving device. The bracelet allows immediate identification of the problem to medical personal or even bystanders. The sooner low blood glucose levels can be identified, the sooner treatment can commence.

Information On Medical Bracelet

Information on bracelet should be concise and to the point. “DIABETES” should be boldly engraved on one side and other important information on the other side. The information can include.

  • An emergency contact number.
  • Name of your physician.
  • Referral to another place for more information. Example “See wallet card for full medical history.

Different Types Of Medical Bracelets

For the more senior person I will recommend theHD 700 Medical Distress Alert Systemwhich includes a waterproof pendant and wrist help button. The system is self monitored and no need for monthly fees or contracts. The system comes with an easy DIY set up – Monitor plugs into your existing land line. You can record your own help message and link to 3 family phone numbers in the system. The wireless waterproof help button work inside your home and the yard. It also has a 2 way voice communication during emergency via the base unit.Senior alert

For the younger generation the variety of medical alert bracelets are endless and the prices range from $5.00 for the basic and up and over $300.00 for the more Hi Tech and elegant bracelets. If you don’t find one that suite’s you, a tattoo is becoming a very popular option.

Medical ID Wallet Cards

Med ID.com is a free medical ID wallet card generator. Simply fill out the form with all your information and submit. A card is then generated that you can print yourself. When needed to update card you will need to re- enter the new information and print the updated card.

Hope Paige is another company that allow you to print free medical ID cards. By simply fill out a short form with all personal information and it will generate a wallet ID card that you can print and cut yourself. No information entered on this website’s form will be saved or stored.

Elegant Medical Alert. This company offers a free Medical ID Template that you can print and fill out by hand. This is a more basic option for a free printable Medical ID Card

N-Style ID provides a free template as well. To access the card, download card, print and fill out with pen. The card is double – sided more information can be entered. To protect the card, fold the card in half and laminate it.

Take Control Of Your Diabetes

Do not let diabetes control your life. Be in charge. Live healthy. Eat healthy. Monitor and control your blood glucose levels and protect yourself when something unforeseen happen and you cannot communicate yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my review and the message I am trying to convey. If you have question or want to comment, please leave a message in comments below.




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