Lead By Example With Healthy Lifestyle Activities For Children


If you as a parent are living unhealthy, are overweight and not getting enough exercises the chances are good that your children will also be a victim of your bad habits. Children follow the example parents sets. If a child is overweight, the parent are directly the cause of it. It is your duty as a parent to keep your children healthy and the only way is to create a healthy lifestyle and activities for the children and you must lead by example. If your family’s daily program is, sitting in front of the television and eating junk food you are to blame for future health problems in your family.

By teaching your children the importance of eating healthy and the necessity of exercises you can make them aware of the benefits of a healthy life style. Children have to know the importance of healthy foods and healthy eating habits. Teach your children the benefits of eating healthy food versus junk food. Make them aware of the dangers of saturated fats, too much salt and refined sugar. Teach them to drink enough water instead of fizz drinks when they are thirsty.

Active Parents Leads To Active Children


The best way to get your children active is by doing exercises together as a family. Try to take part in fun runs over weekends because it will develop bonding between family members and will also provide a platform to meet other people with same life goals. The thought of getting a small medal when completing the fun run will also encourage them. Do nature hikes to get away from the stress of city life.

Do My Child Need To Go On A Diet


Studies revealed that the image children are having about their bodies has a direct link to what their parents comment verbally or non verbally about their bodies. These comments can lead to dangerous methods to lose weight. Parents never allowed your child to go hunger by reducing their food to lose weight. Rather, make them eat healthier alternatives. By reducing fat, sugar and carbs in their diet and increasing activities, better results can be achieved than to go on a diet. Make healthy eating a family effort and not just for certain members. Try never to make negative remarks about your body in front of the children because it will definitely have an effect on them.

Ideas To Create A Healthy Eating Lifestyle In Children

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Teach your children the importance of a healthy breakfast, even if they are not hungry it might help by sitting together at a table and eat. Fill their lunchbox with healthy snacks like small blocks of cold meat, cheese, raw vegetables and fruit. If you add sandwiches try full fiber brown bread and reduce the butter or margarine and what you may put on. Always include dried fruit and nuts in the lunch box to prevent cravings. When preparing meals, make the children part of it. Always make sure, the meal you go to eat is balanced and healthy Try to eat at least five different fruit and vegetables every day. Sit down at a table to eat your meal and never in front of the TV. Rather, drink water during meals than soda drinks. A healthy alternative to fruit juices is to make a smoothy from fresh fruit and vegetables.

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  1. Man, you speak the truth and then some. It would for sure cut down on obesity!
    I will be sharing this site with my daughter, as well as some of her friends!
    I actually learned a few things,

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom in this article.

  2. These are awesome tips! I have 3 kids, all are very picky. For being active, I do not worry because they are very active kids. Thanks for these tips!

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