Your New Blood Sugar Monitoring Device

Fact! You have been diagnosed with Diabetes. You started to change your lifestyle, began with exercises, reduced your stress levels and eliminated all other factors hindering you on your path to achieve your goal to regulate your blood glucose levels. But to be in control you will need a good blood sugar monitoring device.

Choosing The Right Meter For My Needs

When selecting a device it helps to know how it works. Determine your needs because the difference in type and features they offer and there are several factors to keep in mind when choosing your meter.

  • Cost are usually one of the biggest factors. They vary in price because of the special features the offer. Also, keep in mind the cost of test strips.
  • Make sure of the ease of use and maintenance. Some monitors are easier to use than others. Example: Can you easily see the numbers on the screen? How easy is it to get the strip in the machine and to get the blood on the strips.
  • If you have special needs like impaired hearing and vision ask for a machine with large operating buttons or audio support.
  • Consider how the meter stores and retrieve information, because it can eliminate the need to keep a log book and it is easier to take with when consulting your doctor. Some meters also offer the ability to download your readings to a computer or smart phone to email the results to your doctor.
  • Look for a meter with clear operating instructions and has a support toll free number that you can call for help.

Glucometer Data Management

Since diabetes is a chronic disease without cure, patients need a good data management system that provide them and their doctor with the relevant information to best treat their condition and to minimize long time health effects. Try to make use of a mobile application because Bluetooth function allows the glucometer to almost instantly sync data to their phone management system.

Test Strips And Availability

The most expensive part of taking blood sugar readings is not the glucometer but the test strips. Some can be expensive and others quite cheap but keep in mind that each device use only a specific type of test strip which means you cannot use a FORA glucometer test strip on a ACCU- CHEK meter and vice versa. Two glucometers can cost the same price but uses different type of strips can make a huge money difference on the long run. Also makes sure about availability and immediate stock of test strips.

Backup glucometer And Lancets

Always try to have a backup meter to double check any strange readings that you might think may not be accurate. Also, try to keep a different type of glucometer than your primary one as backup. It can help when running out of test strips and can also be use as a control unit to verify readings when in doubt.

Unlike test strips you can use any type of lancets to draw blood, but it is important to use a new lancet needle for each test.

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